Steel Structures

Construction of the warehouse for KAG tiles was one of the most challenging projects. We were involved in the in-depth analysis and design of a pre-engineered steel building with a mezzanine floor and a clear span of 32m.

Our team exhibited its expertise in working on machine foundation and allied support structures while designing this industrial building.

Estancia – Hanging mezzanine floor

Another project that demonstrated our ability to work on complex structures. Our team was successful in designing a hanging mezzanine floor for this building. The structure was built with a composite deck slab system with an ‘I’ section beam connected to RCC columns. Additional support for the hanging floor was provided by using streel struts supported on beams from the roof.

Our designs speak strength and durability. This project involved the use of PEB structure with gantry girders. We designed the pile foundations in addition to machine foundations.

It was highly challenging to include Architectural features in the design of this industrial building. The building had steel roof trusses, purlins and Galvanized iron sheets along with RCC column support with a clear span of 25m and a clear height of 8m.

Designing an Atrium for a school building gave us a great deal of satisfaction. We designed the structure with tubular hollow sections that enclosed the central entrance of the school of area 16m by 16m. RCC Columns were used to support the structure.

A unique creation by our team. The entire structure consisted of rectangular hollow sections enclosing an area of 20mX23m.