Every construction work starts with the skeletal structure. They are integral to the strength of the building. At Jacob Engineers, our team renders excellent structural engineering support to your construction project. We have successfully handled many structure designs for a lot of new and existing buildings. Get in touch with our structural consultants in Bangalore for renovation and expansion of your construction project. But, our services extend beyond this.

Our dedicated team does a thorough analysis of the plans (if it is for a new project) or may conduct forensics analysis of the structure (for existing projects) and suggests suitable enhancements. Combining our mathematical and scientific principles, we make crucial decisions about the placement of different elements in the structure. It is our responsibility to improve the strength of the building through strategic weight distribution, live load, and superimposed loads. We make a conscious effort to make the building fire and earthquake-resistant.

Jacob Engineers works along with architects and lends insights into how a construction material must be used to strengthen the building. As an example, our team suggests the tonnage and dimensions of steel based on the plan arrived for the project. Our team will go through all the requirements of the project and bring together all the elements in an organized way to enhance the construction strength and stability of the building. We have been equipped with strong technical knowledge that helps us in integrating all the engineering concepts to bring about a significant change to the whole structure. We plan, analyze, and devise each aspect of the process with the client’s expectations in mind. Careful planning before proceeding with the project enables us to consider all the important facets that would go into the construction of a quality building that would withstand earthquakes and harsh weather conditions. We stimulate everything using CAD software to envision the way in which the proposal would work in the real world.

Under our wide range of services, we also provide peer review for flat developers or architects looking for a second opinion. We look into the blueprint and give an objective appraisal regarding the structural integrity and stability of the design. Get all these services from our structural consultants in Bangalore.

Our different clientele gives us a wide range of experience. One project is so unique from the other. It puts us into situations that we have never known before. Jacob engineers have skillfully maneuvered all those challenges and gained more expertise because of it. The commitment made Jacob engineers one of the best structural engineering companies In Bangalore. Our team can manage your project with the utmost clarity of thought and provide creative solutions for you.

At Jacob Engineers, we take up structural engineering and also conduct forensics to identify weak spots of the building. We specialize in steel and concrete structures. Our team also has a portfolio of special structures to add to our projects. It is always our driving force to stay as one of the reputed structural design companies in Bangalore. It motivates the team to be on the right track and offer unparalleled services to you.

Our approach to structural design is centered around value-creation and providing practical solutions to the complications in the projects that may arise in the process. We take care of everything right from the planning to the execution. In this way, we guarantee that our design is accurately ingrained in the construction. You will be relieved from most of the complexity of employing and managing an able team to help you carry out the project. We are so proud of finishing every step of the process within the agreed period. Therefore, our structural consultants in Chennai and Bangalore combine their skills to save you a considerable amount of time and cost for your business.

Another advantage you get from collaborating with Jacob Engineers is the power of analysis. We never engage in a project until we know it to the tiniest details. Breaking up complex systems into multiple parts helps us go in-depth into the critical structure of the building. Therefore, we do not overlook even the minor aspect of the project.

Jacob Engineers have a strong presence in other states as well. We have quality who bring the same expertise and innovation into every project. We have also earned the reputation of being the best among the structural engineering companies in Hyderabad. We promise that our service will help complete your construction work with ease.

All our engineers are proficient enough to handle any structural engineering needs. We guarantee analysis-driven solutions for your construction project. Get in touch with us now!